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Unit Commissioners Needed!
If you are interested in finding out what it takes to be a Unit Commissioner and want to serve at the unit level to help strengthen a unit's programming and leadership? If so Contact Scott Carrigan the District Commissioner under contacts above.
Girls in Boy Scouts?
Did you know that girls can do the high adventure and outdoor activities as a member of the Boy Scouts from the ages of 14 to 21.
What is the Order of the Arrow?
Many question what the OA is all about, but they know little about it. Find out more at
  • The events here are district highlighted events that can be found in our calendar on the menu above.
    (6 February) Commissioners Meeting and Cub/ Scout/ Venture Leader Roundtable; (20 February) District Committee Meeting; (23 February) FOS Dinner
    (6 March) Commissioners Meeting and Cub/ Scout/ Venture Leader Roundtable; (18 March) Orienteering Weekend at Albright Scout Camp; (20 March) District Committee Meeting
    (3 April) Commissioners Meeting and Cub/ Scout/ Venture Leader Roundtable; (17 April) District Committee Meeting
  • Chapter 19, Karakona is the District Chapter. We meet at Gregory Memorial Church in Prince George. We support units with OA elections and ceremonies. You can contact the advisor for more information by visiting contact us, and selecting the Chapter Advisor. If you are requesting unit support for a ceremony, please provide the chapter at least 30 days notice. POC for this action is the Chapter Advisor under contacts in the above menu.
    “I do hereby promise on my honor as a Scout, that I will always and faithfully observe and preserve the traditions of the Order of the Arrow, WIMACHTENDIENK, WINGOLAUCHSIK, WITAHEMUI. I will always regard the ties of brotherhood in the Order of the Arrow, as lasting, and will seek to preserve a cheerful spirit even in the midst of irksome tasks and weighty responsibilities, and will endeavor, so far as in my power lies, to be unselfish in service and devotion to the welfare of others.”
    Chapter 19, Karakona- (13 February) Order of the Arrow Chapter Meeting
    Chapter 19, Karakona- (13 March) Order of the Arrow Chapter Meeting; Lodge 3, Nawakawa- (17-19 March) Service Weekend
    Chapter 19, Karakona- (10 April) Order of the Arrow Chapter Meeting; Lodge 3, Nawakawa- (28-30 April) Conclave Weekend
  • Come one, Come All!!!
    Interested in Scouting, we are looking for good leaders at all levels.
    Boys and Girls 14+ years old, are you looking to meet new people, have a great time and try new things? Check us out.
    Contact your local council, district or unit for more information. Visit the contacts page to get local contacts, or visit our Units page to find a unit near you. They are located at the top of this page in the navigation menu.
10 February 2017
Lord Baden-Powell
Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell (22 February 1857 to 8 January 1941), or Sir Robert Baden-Powell was a British Army Lieutenant General (with over 30 years of service and the founder of the modern Scouting movement. He was also an actor, writer and artist. He was son of